Curly Hair

Curl- form or cause to form into a curved or spiral shape. Nearly 80 percent of women would wake up with wavy/curly hair if they chose their natural hairstyle.

With the Deva cut and styling method, we make loving your natural texture a routine instead of a hassle. To start the haircut you arrive at the salon with your hair in its natural state, no ponytails, no braids 100% where your hair naturally lives.Before your haircut, there’s a consultation where we learn what you love and what you hate about your hair, and from there we incorporate the perfect cut and types of products that will make you proud to wear your hair out.

From there, your hair is cut DRY! When the hair is wet it’s weighed down, so you can’t see the true curl pattern or how the hair naturally sits. Your curls are cut exactly where they live so there are no surprises after your cut and style. After your cut is complete, your hair is washed and styled, your styling product is put in while your hair is soaking wet. Applying product in your hair while it’s wet helps prevent frizz while locking in moisture to your hair strand. From there, your hair is then diffused until it’s dry, and any final adjustments to your cut will be done then.

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